We are a local group of tour guides representative of the ethnic minority tribes based in the beautiful northern mountainous Highlands of Sapa Vietnam.
We are Enghish Speaking minority from different villages of the Sapa area..
We welcome you to our country and we are so proud to share our vibrant culture, unique ecology, and stunning landscapes so that we may preserve it for generations to come.
We in the village love meeting people from around the world!
We will lead you through rice terraces, waterfalls, mountains, bamboo forests, caves, tea plantations, local markets, boats, motorbike tours, traditional herbal baths and food baths, batik activities, hot spring and homestays where you will be welcomed by local family families and experience what traditional life is like in the mountains of Vietnam.

Sapa trekking Adventures offers trekking & hiking in north Vietnam. We can do short treks and long treks, through less touristy routes or through tourist hotspots depending on what you prefer, in private tours through the best of Sapa.

Most Popular Tours

1 day trekking in Sapa, Y Linh Ho, Lao chai Sang and Loa chai villages....
40 USD
Try our 2-day Sapa Trekking adventure, including a night in a homestay....
95 USD
Sapa, silver waterfall, Love waterfall, Tram Tom pass, Ta phin, Ma Tra, Lao chai, Ta Van, Ban Ho and nam...
110 USD
Sapa, Y Linh Ho, Lao chai sang, Lao chai, Ta van, Giang Ta chai, Ban Khaong, Ta phin, Ma Tra,...
55 USD
Discover our 3-day trekking tour, to see Sapa down the Muong Hoa Valley, Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai Sang 1,...
145 USD
2 Days trekking and 1 day motorbike tour Sapa, Y Linh Ho, Lao chai sang, Lao...
160 USD


No matter if you are a rider who needs advice, an operatior wanting to list their adventures, or a new partner looking to collaborate, we’re excited to hear from you! Get in touch with us below or through WhatsApp today!

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