Tram Ton Pass

Sa Pa is famous for its beautiful scenery with majestic mountains, green valleys, villages of ethnic minorities, bamboo forests and terraced fields. To fully feel the beauty of this place, visitors need to go to Tram Ton Pass (O Quy Ho Pass) as known as “Heaven Gate”. With a height of 1900m, Tram Ton pass is the highest pass in Vietnam.

From Sapa, it takes only 15 minutes by taxi to O Quy Ho pass. If you want to explore the scenery along the way, you can rent a motorbike, cost about $5 / day. Tram Ton Pass is located on the road connecting Sa Pa and Lai Chau, this is also a idea destination to experience the beautiful scenery when standing from the top of the pass and looking down. From there, especially on nice days, you can freely admire the “Roof of Indochina” – Mount Fansipan peak with a lush green forest.

Driving along the 4D National Highway is a unique experience: high limestone peaks rising up to the sky with vertical slope then coming to peaceful countryside valleys. After passing the green limestone periods, the pass gradually straightened to the south – where there were scenic spots admiring the nearby Mount Fansipan.

Wooden stops are built around the craggy cliffs, they sell souvenirs and food such as: grilled meat, grilled corn, baked potatoes, “lam” rice, dried buffalo meat, wild chicken, etc. Enjoy the highland cuisine and admire the scenery of the pass: the majestic mountains and the poetic valley below will be an interesting experience for many tourists!

Tram Ton pass is one of the four largest and most beautiful passes on the way to Sapa. If you like the adventure, exploring nature in the most natural way, then Tram Ton Pass is the perfect choice.

07/09/2023 | 7:40 am
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