How to get to Sapa?

Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a mountainous town, it attracts tourists with pristine rice terraces, sweeping mountain views, and the fascinating culture of colorful ethnic hill tribes. A lot of tourists travel from Hanoi to Sapa as it’s the most popular and convenient travel route. Since there are many options to get to Sapa, it can be confusing which travel options to use. Following are the various ways and their differences that could be useful for you. 

Take the overnight train to Sapa

Regarding the train, it is the choice of the majority of travelers who travel to Sapa overnight, and transferring by train is the safest choice. It is considered to be more comfortable and safer than a bus, and a lot cheaper than hiring a car. The only direct train to Lao Cai is from Hanoi so if you are traveling from other destinations, you have to reach Hanoi and hop on the train.

A 4-beth compartment on the train

Go on a highway bus to Sapa

Traveling to Sapa by bus is the most common method of transportation since it is comfortable and cheap in comparison with other transport. Buses to Sapa have many available departure times, mainly in the morning and in the late evening. The benefits of transferring by bus, passengers can travel directly to Sapa town and with this vehicle, you can travel from either Hanoi, Ninh Binh, or Cat Ba since there are some bus companies that offer the routes.

Get to Sapa by private car

Another transportation option is to arrange a private car to travel to Sapa. This would be the most comfortable method of transportation if you are traveling in a small and medium private group or with your family. This is also a good choice during peak travel seasons as bus companies or trains could be fully booked and your methods of transportation become limited options.

A private car traveling to Sapa

Ride a motorbike to Sapa

Traveling to Sapa by motorbike is a wonderful experience for adventure seekers. Picking a motorbike as a means to travel gives you the freedom of traveling and offers plenty of magnificent views.

Traveling to Sapa by motorbike is a wonderful experience

Above are some experiences that we would like to share about available transferring options to get to Sapa. This town is one of Vietnam’s most popular destinations so let’s take a chance to enjoy the paradise resort in the Northwest of Vietnam. Let’s find more activities now to enjoy your wonderful vacation.

07/09/2023 | 7:25 am
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