Lao Chai Village

Sapa is not only attractive to tourists because of its natural beauty. But also to the peaceful villages characterized by the northwest village. Lao Chai is not known by many tourists.

Such as Cat Cat and Ta Van but going once will be remembered forever by the peaceful beauty that makes people so excited.

How Lao Chai Village Is Unique?

Lao Chai village is located peacefully in a deep valley. There’s four sides surrounded by the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Coming to Lao Chai, the romantic and peaceful scene takes visitors away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In the fall to Lao Chai, the golden terraced fields are brilliant as steps to the blue sky. To enjoy the feeling of peace in the northwest village, wake up among terraced fields and see the sun rising from the mountains, please choose Lao Chai homestay tours.

Coming to Lao Chai, you have the opportunity to learn about the lives of indigenous people in the busy summer days. Especially when the sunset comes home with hot dishes prepared by hospitable hosts, friendly.

Following the winding road from Sapa town, along the famous Muong Hoa street heading towards Hoang Lien Son mountain range takes visitors to Lao Chai village. About 7km from the center of Sapa town.

Lao Chai village is not as famous as Cat Cat village and not far from Ho village. But ethnic groups bring a unique cultural color to attract visitors when coming to Sapa.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Lao Chai Village?

According to the experience of professionals in Lao Chai every season is beautiful. But the most beautiful season is from September to April next year. At this time, Lao Chai becomes poetic with the scenery of golden terraced fields from peaceful valleys running one after another to the middle of the mountain. The blue skies create a poetic space when coming here.

Coming to Lao Chai in the early days of spring. You will have the opportunity to get lost in the fresh pink of peach blossom, the pristine white color of plum blossoms and soak up the vibrant atmosphere in the unique festivals of indigenous people. Such as the Root poem festival of the Giay people, the festival of fieldwork of Tay people …

How To Go To Lao Chai Village?

Only 7 km from Sapa town center, it is very convenient for tourists to come to Lao Chai village. Moreover, Lao Chai is very close to famous tourist sites. Such as Ta Van village, Muong Hoa valley – Sapa ancient rock beach.

If you come to Lao Chai according to the professional tours Sapa organizer is easy. That you do not have to worry about the transfer. Because the professional Sapa tours operator will help you to arrange all. However, if you like the experience of exploring Sapa in the form of backpacking tourism.

You can choose to travel to Lao Chai by motorbike, motorbike taxi, taxi or bicycle from the center of Sapa town. Each type of transport gives a different experience.

What To Do, Things To See In Lao Chai Village ?

  • Trekking, sustainable Sapa tour Vietnam & homestay activities.
  • Photograph hunting.
  • Visit local family to know authentic of Black Hmong people daily life.

Quick Tips

  • Do not give money or candy to children. (mean the children they will not like to go to school) – If can so please give them some books or pencils.
  • Do not put camera close to their face to take photo.
  • Should not visit at weekend to avoid the crowded by other local and Chinese tourist.

Keep in mind for all things need to know before travel to Sapa from Origin Vietnam.

07/09/2023 | 6:44 am
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